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Advance a Green Amendment in Iowa

Craft Brew Needs Clean Water

To kick off the advocacy for clean water and air in Iowa, sign up here for action alerts about the Iowa Green Amendment and join us in the upcoming Summer Craft Beer & Environment Campaign event! 

Combine your love of beer and the environment by participating in Iowa’s specialty brew tasting competition using fresh Iowa spring waters and Iowa-grown ingredients this Summer! Rep. Isenhart is challenging environmental/outdoor orgs to help pre-sell canned products of participating Iowa craft breweries at a premium, and portions of sales made at the premium prices will go towards funding environmental advocacy in Iowa through the nonprofit partners!  Taking place during the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, the point of this competition is to emphasize the importance of clean water to Iowans, mobilize Iowans to protect Iowa’s water sources, and to support Iowa’s variety of craft beer. Spearheaded by a virtual committee of Iowa Brewers Guild members and environmental org leaders, this special celebration event combines the love for Iowa’s environment with honorable and unique craft products that will be featured in a tasting competition!

If you know of or are affiliated with any craft breweries and environmental/outdoor groups in Iowa, encourage them to join forces and take part in this state-wide competition.


Write a Letter

The Iowa movement is in the beginning stages, we need your help to spread the word . Please take the first steps by contacting your State Senator, Representative, and Governor, to educate them on a Green Amendment. Send your letter today. At this link we will help you send just the right message with sample text that you can modify to make it fully your own.

Encourage Others

Encourage others to sign the petition!
Share the link on social media, or print a copy of the petition and take it with you to work, coffee shops, social gatherings or events, and ask others to sign the petition too. Once you have a completed sheet, be sure to mail or scan and email copies to You can print a copy here.

Mail paper petitions to
Green Amendments For The Generations
925 Canal Street 7th Floor, Suite 3701
Bristol, PA 19007

Write an Opinion Piece

Write an opinion piece to your local paper expressing the benefits of Iowa Green Amendment.
Help us spread the word about the Iowa Green Amendment! Let your community members know what a Green Amendment is and how it can help your community and environment.